Coalition Members

The Left Hand Creek Coalition (LHCC) – made up of the agencies, organizations and towns listed on this website – meets every two weeks to oversee the Master Plan process. The Coalition is governed by an Operating Agreement, which sets out the roles and responsibilities for the Coalition and Project Team.  The Operating Agreement can be found here or on the Project Documents Page.

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Draft Outline and Workplan Posted

Several new project documents are available:

For the overall project, a draft Master Plan outline and revised workplan are available:


LHCWMP Work Plan 9_16_2014


There are also several presentations and meeting summaries from recent coalition meetings:

2014-0915 CCPI Considerations- Funding and Future_SVCCx Presentation

2014-0915 Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Planning Presentation

2014-0718 CO Watershed Symposium Flood Breakout Session_Summaries

2014-0915_LHCC_meeting summary


As always, all files are available on the [Project Documents] page

Press Release: Public meeting for Lefthand Canyon and James Canyon road design

From Boulder County’s Official Press Release [Link]:


Sept. 9, 2014

Contact: Andrew Barth, Boulder County Transportation, 303-441-1032

Public open house on permanent repairs to Lefthand Canyon Drive and James Canyon Drive set for Sept. 17

Public feedback on plans will be collected

Boulder County, Colo. – Boulder County and its engineering consultant, AECOM, will provide a presentation and collect feedback regarding permanent repairs to Lefthand Canyon Drive and James Canyon Drive at an open house from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the Altona Grange, 9386 N. 39th Street on Wednesday, Sept. 17. The meeting is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the projects and provide input on the design.

After the meeting, the county and AECOM will incorporate the public’s comments, as appropriate, into the final designs of permanent repairs to the two canyon roads. The final road designs will be developed in coordination with the Left Hand Creek master plan process, which is currently in progress. Road repairs are anticipated to begin in 2015/2016.

Members of the public do not need to attend the meeting to submit input. For those unable to attend, the county encourages comments to be submitted in one of the following ways:

All public comments should be received no later than Wednesday, Oct. 1 in order to guarantee their consideration for this phase of design. The county will return to the public later this year or early next year to share updated designs and to collect feedback on those.

For more information on this project, contact Andrew Barth, Transportation Department communications specialist, at or call 303-441-1032.

All current Boulder County Transportation roadway project information, including regular maintenance and flood-recovery activity, can be found at


Lots of Updates!

The website has been updated with a number of new items and features:

  1. Survey Results
  2. Live Maps
  3. Pictures

We’ve asked residents of the Left Hand Watershed about their values, vision and key issues in relation to the Creek and long-term planning. Residents responded verbally, in break-out groups during the 7/31 and 8/6 community meetings, on written comment cards, and on an on-line survey. Below is a summary of what residents reported, taking into account whether residents live in the upper watershed (i.e., west of Foothills highway) or lower watershed (i.e., east of Foothills highway).  The results from the watershed survey are now available to view here and on the Project Documents page:

2014-0825 Combined Survey Results

For the value-related questions, the top responses across the entire watershed were:

Q2: What do you most value in the Creek, particularly in terms of a long-term vision for the watershed? 

1st: Ecosystem health/habitat

2nd: Natural Setting/Quality of Life

3rd: Water Quality

Q5: One goal of the plan is to identify and prioritize long-term recovery projects. What projects are valued the most?

1st: Mitigating risks of private property damage from future flooding

2nd: Ensuring/enhancing water quality

3rd: Mitigating debris flows

Web maps are online! As the project team continues to collect field data and prepare alternatives, this map will be updated with additional data.  Click on the thumbnail below to view the map:



Also, a few pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery.  Check them out here:

Photo Gallery Page

As always, check back for regular updates; we will be posting the project workplan soon!

Project Updates

Stay tuned for updates from the project team in the upcoming weeks about work being done on the master plan. This and next week we’ll be walking sections of the Creek to take geomorphic measurements and complete an ecological and geomorphic risk assessments. That will help us understand the key risk areas and hot spots for potential future flooding, erosion and other high mitigation needs.

We are also in the process of analyzing other relevant pre- and post-flood data which will help us complete our risk assessments of different stretches of the Creek.  Here is a link to the in-progress annotated bibliography of the data being reviewed by the project team:

2014-0818 LHCWMP Annotated Bibliography

If you know of any additional data sources you want to bring to the attention of the project team and can provide a link or any other info, please send them to the Project Email.

In late August and early September AMEC will start coming up with possible projects based on multiple criteria, including residents’ input from the last public meetings and on the survey.  There will be a review period for these possible projects where stakeholders will have a chance to provide comments on these possible projects.

The next round of community meetings will be held toward the end of September to discuss the results of the study, including the risk assessments and proposed projects to address key risks. Please continue to check the website for dates, locations and other updates about those meetings.

What is the Left Hand Creek Coalition?

The Left Hand Creek Coalition (LHCC) – made up of the agencies, organizations and towns listed on this website – meets every two weeks to oversee the Master Plan process. The next LHCC meeting will be Monday, September 15th at 1:30-4pm at the County Parks & Open Space Building, Parks Prairie Room South, 5201 St. Vrain Rd, Longmont.

The Coalition is governed by an Operating Agreement, which sets out the roles and responsibilities for the Coalition and Project Team. The Operating Agreement can be found here:

LHCC Operating Agreement

Last month the Project Team interviewed the members of the Left Hand Creek Coalition, as well as other key stakeholders in the watershed, to better understand some of the key issues in the Left Hand Creek watershed. This information helped frame the risk assessment process and the community engagement process. Click here for a summary of those interview “themes.” The Interview Themes document can be found here:

Left Hand MP Interview Themes

These documents can also be found on the Project Documents page here:

Community Meeting Summaries Online!

Kickoff meetings for the Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan were held July 31st and August 6th. Over 100 people attended the meetings. Thanks to all of you who participated. Special thanks to the Greenbriar Inn and Altona Grange, which generously hosted the meetings.

Click [HERE] for a summary of the Lower Left Hand community meeting at the Grange on July 31st. Click [HERE] for a summary of the Upper Left Hand community meeting at the Greenbriar Inn on August 6th.
These summaries, along with all other published documents can be found on the Project Documents Page Here:

Watershed Meeting Wrap-Up, Survey Still Live!

Thank you to everyone who came and gave their opinion in the watershed community meetings or on the online survey in the last two weeks!  This project can only succeed with extensive stakeholder involvement.  If you haven’t taken the watershed survey yet, it is still live through the end of the week (August 15th) here:

You may see some of us around the watershed doing field work in the next few weeks.  More updates coming soon on what we are doing and the project next steps!

Meeting Reminder (Tonight, 6PM at the Greenbriar Inn)

Tonight (Wed, August 6th) is the public meeting for the Upper Watershed.  The meeting is from 6-8 pm at the Greenbriar Inn, 8735 Foothills Hwy, Boulder, CO 80302 (Google Maps Link)

This is a chance to learn about the master planning process and provide input to help refine the approach.  The map at the link below shows how the upper watershed has been divided into groups to help facilitate discussions at tonight’s meeting.  Click on the thumbnail to download a larger version of the map:


If you cannot attend the meeting but live in the upper watershed, please take a few minutes to fill out the following web survey which will be available until August 11th.

Link to Web Survey